College of Architecture



Home to Texas’ first architectural education program, the Texas A&M College of Architecture comprises almost 2,900 students and 165 faculty in four departments:

  • Architecture
  • Landcape Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Construction Science
  • Visualization

One of the premier design research institutions in the world, we are home to five centers and two institutes focusing on research supporting creative work, scholarship, learning, teaching and engagement through practice, outreach and service in the built, virtual and natural environments.

We offer an energetic environment for academic and professional success through 15 prominently ranked undergraduate and graduate degree programs, as well as graduate certificate programs in six disciplines.

A pioneer in high-impact learning experiences, we provide problem-based, collaborative learning environments such as design studios and require a mandatory undergraduate semester away in each degree program, satisfied through a study abroad or internship experience.

We are a haven for experimentation. You can embark on a journey of self-discovery, learn how to unlock your creative potential, and become a lifelong learner, thought leader and knowledge creator.

We challenge students to weave aesthetics, visual literacy, health and safety, function, financial feasibility, sustainability and environmental stewardship into the creative process.